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Advanced Print Makeover Services

Advanced Print Ready Services
Advanced Print Makeover Services

Product Description

What is Advanced Print Makeover Services?

In addition to Print Ready Services, our makeover services tightens up your layout and enhances further looking more organized and attractive.

Advanced Print Ready Services

These issues that can not be corrected in the quick overview setting.

  • Everything from the free courtesy print ready services
  • Advanced color correction issues
  • Advanced photo image adjustments
  • Typesetting issues
  • Color issues
  • Fit to page size issues
  • Page alignment issues
  • Font issues
  • Pagination issues

Free Courtesy Print Ready Services includes following.

    These issues that can be corrected in the quick overview setting.

    • Check on bleed and correct the file if easily fixable
    • Fix the margin issues if easily fixable
    • Fix the blurry image if easily fixable
    • General over look of the file and informs the customer

    Starts at $39

    • Product ID: GDPNTM

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